• Interactive Floor Plans & 360 Degree Panoramics

    • THE iGUIDE

      iGuide is an immersive 3D property tour that weaves together 360 degree views, floor plans, room measurements, floor areas, photos, videos and other online planning tools to provide users with a complete and engaging understanding of space.


      iGuide is an innovative technology experience; created using exclusive Planitar software and camera system.

      iGuide Photographers quickly and efficiently map a space and the data is then elegantly woven into floor plans, 360 degree virtual views, photos, room dimensions and property areas.

      iGuide is a complete, immersive listing solution that offers sellers and users an incredible understanding and perception of the space.

      Below is a Branded and Unbranded tour sample:

      Branded iGuide Links
      iGuide: https://youriguide.com/84_wheels_ave_toronto_on

      Unbranded iGuide Links
      iGuide: https://youriguide.com/84_wheels_ave_toronto_on?unbranded

      Learn more and see interactive samples at GoiGuide.com